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Easy to find and easy to access New Forest Self Storage have a storage solution that will suit your needs in New Milton and Lymington.

Self Storage Hints and Tips

To help you with some of your storage problems we have compiled a short list of hints and tips which might help when preparing to store your possessions.

Self storage is a versatile and cost effective way of storing household or business goods and at New Forest Self Storage we strive to provide a quality service to our customers. If you have specific requirements or questions call us on 01590 688415 to discuss your needs.

Easy to find and easy to access New Forest Self Storage have a storage solution that will suit your needs in New Milton and Lymington.

Pack your items well

Using proper packing materials such as corrugated boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, air pillows etc will maintain and protect your goods whilst in both transit and storage. If you haven't got any packing materials we can supply you with necessary items but contact us first for availability. Fill boxes to capacity, padding out with air cushions if needed. Partially filled boxes and cartons may tip over or collapse. Pack books flat, not on their spines. Label your boxes, this makes unpacking easier when your self storage needs are over. Not to mention that finding that particular box at your unit will not be such a daunting task!

Appliances and white goods

Fridges, freezers and other white goods need to be completely dry and clean before being placed into store. Whilst in storage appliance doors should be left slightly open. Don't use your fridge or freezer as a shelving unit or packing box. These appliances are fragile and can be easily marked or damaged.


Your wardrobes should be emptied of their contents. You will not find it easy to lift and move around large furniture items which are crammed full of items. Where possible you should remove legs from items such as beds, drawer units, tables etc to save space and avoid damage to other stored items. Use edge protectors where possible on furniture and cover mattresses to stop them getting dirty and dusty. Also use covers for settees and chairs for protection.

Silver and other metals

To avoid tarnishing your silver or other metal items always use non acid tissue paper or plastic bags. Chrome, cast iron and other exposed iron items can be wiped with a little light oil to help withstand rusting.

Electrical goods

Your electrical goods are delicate, sensitive and easily damaged si if you still have the original manufacturer's box then use this to protect your items. If original boxes are unavailable then use bubble wrap and air bubbles when you place these items into packing boxes. Fill all gaps in cartons. If you are storing lightweight or fragile equipment do not stack other heavy or large items on top. If you are storing battery powered equipment remember to remove all batteries from your equipment

Mowers, garden machinery etc

You MUST remove all traces of petrol from any equipment which uses it. Petrol is a fire hazard and must not be left in any machinery. Also ensure that all your other gardening tools are clean and dry before storing them.

Glass and china

Always place a layer of protective bubble wrap or corrugated card at the bottom of the cartons you will use for glassware and china. Wrap each individual item well and try to use acid free paper or bubble wrap. Fill any gaps in your packing boxes with scrumpled up paper or air bubbles. Label these boxes well so that you'll know which boxes to avoid putting other heavy items or cartons on top of.

Clothes and linen

We can provide you with specially made wardrobe cartons to use for your clothes that need to remain hanging. When you have filled your wardrobe box put a strip of packing tape over the rail to keep your hangers in place, expecially during transport. Pack linen flat and in such a way that will fill up the box particularly at the sides. Half full or badly packed linen boxes will bulge and can become unstable with other boxes piled on top.

What NOT to store

You must NOT store firearms or ammunition of any sort, inflammables, explosives, gas canisters, materials hazardous in nature, food stuff, perishable goods, drugs and narcotics, any illegal or stolen items, toxic or radioactive items, waste products, animal or plants. If you are in doubt about anything you would like to store or would like further information call us on 01590 688415

General Tips

You should, as a general rule, place heavy and bulky items that can be stacked at the back of your unit against the wall. Try not to place anything pushed up against the wall, always leave a few inches for air to circulate. Place any items you will need to access at the front of your unit or at least within arm's reach. Don't use the biggest boxes you can find. You will soon realise that you will not be able to lift boxes that are too large and you will not be able to manouvre them into position very easily when filling your storage unit. Don't put too many books into any one box. Books are heavy and boxes will soon become a dead weight if you're not careful.

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